“Somewhere in the Darkness”

Every since I started a new chapter in my book yesterday I really got into my book. I mean  I REALLY got into it. It broke my heart to know that crab will do something like that knowing that jimmy don’t like for people to drink or smoke because it scares him. So in my chapter yesterday crab was suppose to be at work and he went somewhere and got drunk and they had to call jimmy to come get crab because he could not walk and he had passed out. So after all that jimmy still manage to leave with crab.  I really don’t think that’s going to last long. I think he’s going to end up going back to mama jean. They got into a wreck and jimmy still stayed. Jimmy got hurt but he didn’t want to tell crab. Crab broke out of jail and drove a vehicle all the way from New York to Memphis with jimmy in there. The police is looking for crab right now and he’s running. I think the best thing for jimmy to do is go ahead and move back with mama jean. Jimmy was nice enough and do something he didn’t have to do. He left a stabled home for some trashy home with his so called father. When jimmy left he thought of mama jean all the way to Memphis. Crab really let Jimmy down. I don’t think jimmy is going to put up with crab nonsense much longer. I’m just ready to continue reading so I can see if jimmy is going to go back to mama jean or stay. This is what my book is about so far.


Somewhere in the darkness

So far I am loving my new book. a lot has happened since I’ve started reading this book. So Crab broke out of jail, jimmy’s so called father. when he broke out of jail the first place he stopped was at jimmy house. jimmy has never seen him so jimmy asked “who are you” and crab answered, “your father”. So they stared talking and crab told mama jean who had raised jimmy that he was going to have to take jimmy away from her. Mama jean didn’t want to hear that . But I wonder why crab didn’t wait until he get his job then send for jimmy, because now while they are in Chicago they don’t have a stabled home with food. Jimmy is hungry walking around looking for food. I really think jimmy is going to take those $55 dollars and find him a bus, taxi or train to take him back to new York. jimmy really miss mama jean and he really wants to go back to mama jean but he just doesn’t know how to tell crab. jimmy is really tempted to call mama jean because she told him before he left if he ever decide he wants to come back to just call her and she would send somebody or she would come. she said she doesn’t care how late it is. If I was jimmy I would  just go ahead and call. I understand he doesn’t want to hurt crab feelings by leaving but sometimes the hardest things are the best things to do. This is what my book is about so far and IM LOVING IT.

The Friendship (predictions)

So far in the book “The Friendship” I’ve read about an his brother little man. One day they walked over to their Aunt Callie Jackson’s house because she had a headache and she had nobody to go to the store for her so they walked over to her house to go the store to get her some medicine. Once they got to the store little man touched the glass and the owner told him “don’t be putting his dirty hand prints on the glass.” That led to him crying and leaving the store without Aunt Callie’s medicine. I wonder what happened next. I wonder if aunt Callie went over to the store and fussed at the owner. I would that she did because the owner told the other man to hand him the axe so he ‘could cut little man’s dirty hands off”. This is what I predict and this is what I read about so far.

My blog about “Roll of Thunder, Hear my cry”

So far I am enjoying my book. in this book it takes the events of one turbulent year- the year of the night riders and burnings, the year a white girl humiliates Cassie in a public simply because she is black- to show Cassie that having a place of their own is the Logan family’s lifeblood. It is in the land that gives the Logan’s their courage and pride- no matter how others may degrade them, the Logan’s possess something no one can take away. In the book I’m a reading they were going through tough times. in 1930 the price of the cotton dropped, Papa left  to go back to Louisiana to lay track, then in 1976 Cassie’s father died. Cassie didn’t understand the things Papa use to tell her. They’ve just been going through a lot lately. This is what I’ve read about in my book so far.